Om Shri Sainathaya Namaha !
Salutations to the most revered Saibaba of Shirdi !

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Sri Saibaba Mahasamadhi Centenary Celebrations 2017-2018

Celebrating the memory of the daily act Baba did of feeding the needy including the animals. Throughout the Centenary year of Baba's Mahasamadhi, there will be more packing services held.

  for the Next Volunteering Service at FMSC: December 8th 2017 at Eagan.

May Shri Sai bless us all with more opportunities to celebrate our love for His grace on us.

  • 1/13/2017 - Park on the opposite sides of the Mandir only

News and Upcoming Events

  • Events (On these days only, Mandir opens at 8:30 AM and all AM services start half an hour earlier)
    • 12-10-2017 Sunday - Sri Sai Sahasranama Homam at 10:15 AM
    • 12-25-2017 Monday - Sri Sai Satyavrata Pooja at 10:15 AM
  • Devotees are invited to participate and perform 
    • Saibaba Bhajan at the Mandir on Saturdays at 11:30 AM followed by Aarti and Prasadam Lunch
    • Saibaba's Abhishek in the Chavadi at the Mandir on Sundays at 10:45 AM followed by Aarti and Prasadam Lunch
  • Volunteers needed: The "Volunteering" section of our web site has a signup form. Even high school and college students can volunteer.


Please support the Mandir by visiting regularly, volunteering, contributing and taking part in Mandir activities and sponsored poojas.

Weekly Message - December 7, 2017

100 years of Kindness!

It has been about one hundred years since Sri Saibaba passed away in Shirdi. The growth of Sai movement in the years since 1918 until now has been remarkable. A fakir who is revered as God by millions of people all over the world, all in a span of hundred years is nothing short of a miracle, perhaps a significant phase of spiritual evolution. Over 2000 temples or places of worship of Sri Saibaba have come up within the last twenty to thirty years, all over the world, in every continent. This phenomenon is mainly triggered by coming together of people who have had transformative experiences in their lives due to their prayers and worship of Sri Saibaba. For some it was a health problem, for others problems in career, business, financial hardships, family matters, children, in dire situations they felt the assuring presence of Sri Sai whom they have known from books, movies or from others’ experiences. Sai devotees flock to the temples of Saibaba to offer prayers, express their gratitude, and enthusiastically participate in the activities at the temples. Being a good human, helping others in crisis, believing in universal love and brotherhood, reaching out to community in crisis, these are the hallmarks of Sai devotee community that truly imbibes the ideals of Sri Saibaba and the spirit of His message.  Read More 

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Thursday and Sunday Prasad(food) Sponsorship: Devotees can sponsor Prasad for Thursday evening or Sunday weekly satsang. This is a privilege that can be used by devotees to celebrate occasions of importance in their families, such as birthdays and anniversaries, by sharing their love and devotion to Sri Saibaba and happiness with other devotees in the presence of Sri Saibaba.

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